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I am specialised in cases concerning indemnifications for medical errors, traffic accidents, work accidents, as well as so-called “wasted holidays”. In the scope of indemnification cases, I provide comprehensive representation in criminal proceedings. I also provide services for business entities as well as state and local indemnification units.

Legal assistance to corporate and individual clients as well as state and local indemnification units includes legal advice in the form of individual consultations, via the Internet and representation in cases concerning:

Civil and economic law

Services offered include:

  • preparing draft contracts
  • reviewing contracts
  • representing Clients in cases concerning:
    • the implementation of contracts
    • compensation, indemnification and disability pension (on account of traffic accidents, work accidents or medical errors)
    • removal of shared ownership
    • prescription of real property
    • issuing of real property
    • joint ownership relations
    • confirmation of inheritance acquisition
    • inheritance division
    • legitime

The Law Office draws up written opinions and legal analyses, participates in negotiations and represents Clients before courts, offices and institutions.

In indemnification proceedings, we do not charge any initial fees. The settlement with the Client takes place after we win the case and enforce the claims from the opponent.

Family law

Services offered include the representation of Clients in cases concerning:

  • divorce and annulment of marriage
  • separation
  • adoption
  • exercising parental authority
  • dissolution of the joint property of husband and wife and division of their joint property
  • child maintenance
  • denial of paternity and annulment of paternity acknowledgement

Labour law

Services offered include:

  • issuing opinions in the scope of broadly defined labour law
  • negotiating and signing employment contracts
  • drafting contracts with members of companies' management as well as managerial contracts
  • preparing non-competition contracts
  • participation in negotiations and mediation with lawyers and trade unions
  • drawing up arrangements, work regulations, remuneration schemes and company social benefits fund regulations
  • representing employers and employees in court proceedings

Debt collection and enforcement proceedings

Services offered include:

  • preparing requests for payment
  • representing Clients during negotiations
  • mediation and conciliatory proceedings
  • drawing up petitions
  • representing Clients in court and enforcement proceedings until effective recovery of claims

Company law and services for corporations

The Law Office provides comprehensive legal advice connected with running business activities. The advice is provided for business entities in the form of ad hoc or continuous legal services.

Services offered include:

  • assistance in choosing an appropriate business activity form
  • establishing partnerships and companies – preparing draft contracts and founding act, articles of association of joint stock company, regulations of supervisory and management board
  • registering and introducing amendments in the National Court Register
  • assistance in preparing and chairing shareholders' meetings, shareholders' general meetings as well as supervisory and management boards' meetings
  • preparing draft resolutions
  • advising and representing Clients in the case of appeals against resolutions of companies' authorities
  • current provision of legal advice connected with running business activities, including drafting and reviewing contracts, preparing legal opinions and carrying out negotiations and mediation
  • advice on dissolution and liquidation of business entities
  • participation in court proceedings
  • representation before all authorities, offices and institutions

Administrative law

Provision of services for state and local administration units.

– representation before state and local administration bodies,

– drawing up appeals and complaints against decisions,

– drawing up complaints to Provincial Administrative Courts and cassation complaints to Supreme Administrative Court,

– representation in enforcement proceedings in administration.

Provision of services for state and local administration units

I provide legal services for state administration units and territorial self-government entities in the scope defined below, in particular:

  • providing opinions of draft resolutions, directives, decisions, orders, arrangements, letters, regulations and other acts issued by entities' bodies,
  • informing bodies about changes in applicable provisions of law, in particular in the scope of administrative law,
  • providing advice and consulting, preparing legal opinions in the scope of law application,
  • preparing opinions of draft contracts concerning entity's business activities,
  • providing opinions and verifications of documentation in the scope of public procurements submitted by the entity,
  • conducting court and administrative proceedings as well as representing the entity before administrative and common courts (legal representation), public administration bodies and authorities,
  • conducting enforcement proceedings in the scope of the entity's civil-law receivables,
  • participation in negotiations carried out by the entity in the scope of establishing, changing or terminating legal relationships,
  • providing opinions on the content of the entity's correspondence with public administration authorities, courts and other institutions, as well as legal and natural persons,
  • carrying out other legal activities ordered by the entity's authorities, for example providing opinions of procedural acts in the form of any type of settlements, redemptions of receivables, analysis of claims lodged against the entity, notifications on suspicion of committing a crime,
  • participation in sessions of the entity's authorities and legal services connected therewith.