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    NOTE. Sending a question means the consent to the following terms and conditions.

    If you are interested in obtaining legal advice in a quick and cheap form, use e-advice service included on this website.

    • E-advice is designed to provide legal advice and draw up legal documents at the Client's request.
    • Within the service you can order the completion of a form or a request, set up a company and receive information on the costs of specific procedures.
    • In order to use the service, read its terms and conditions.

    Terms and conditions of e-advice provision

    1. Sequence of actions while using e-advice service:
    • typing the client's e-mail address;
    • typing the question;
    • reading and accepting the terms and conditions;
    • sending the form.


    1. Implementation of e-advice service:
    • within 24 hours (on working days) of receiving the question, the Law Office will submit to the e-mail address indicated by the Client the form including the scope of necessary information and documents, as well as the information on the costs of legal advice and the date of its implementation counted from the date of the receipt of payment to the Law Office's account;
    • in the case of accepting the Law Office's terms and conditions included in the form, the Client is obliged to pay the fee for the service ordered to the Law Office's account and to send back the completed electronic form including all required data.


    1. On the date when the Client's amount is received on the Law Office's account, the Law Office will:
    • commence the provision of the service;
    • issue an invoice pursuant to the data indicated by the Client in the Form.


    1. The Law Office will make every effort to provide e-advice service in a timely manner. The determined time limit may be changed only in the case of complicated question or the specificities of the case which requires longer period of time for implementation.


    1. The Law Office reserves the right to refuse the provision of e-advice service to the Client.


    1. The Client receives the reply to their question in an electronic form or, at the Client's request, by registered post.


    1. Sending a question via this website, the Client agrees to all provisions of these terms and conditions.